Advice for choosing standard intranet solutions

standard intranet løsning

In this guide, you will gain insight into which standard intranet solution is best for your company.

“We would like a standard intranet solution”- this is a phrase we often hear from new clients. There is only one problem; the word “standard” has a lot of aspects and as a client, you can miss important information about your solution.

We do not work this way. Therefore, we will provide you with an overview of the three solutions that we work with and we will tell you which one we typically recommend.

First of all, one standard solution is not necessarily better than the other. However, you need consulting and we have previously experienced that it has been deficient, non-existent and very expensive.


Solution 1: Supplier-adapted default intranet

Here you will get a standard intranet solution based on SharePoint where the supplier customizes the core in SharePoint with user-defined/tailored components. This is done to tailor the solution 100% according to your company’s needs.

This solution is often applied amongst public and larger cooperations. It works very well and the user-defined components are easy to use.
However, there is one major challenge. As a client, you will end up paying a lot of money for a SharePoint-license that you cannot benefit from a 100%.

In this solution, the supplier has developed the core in SharePoint. Even if you as a client wants to do minor changes in the solution, you can no longer receive future updates from the supplier of the system.

Such, the solution that many clients thought was a standard SharePoint solution, instead becomes a standard supplier solution.

Another disadvantage is, that you as a client is often tied to your supplier which in some cases is very costly.

Solution 2: Standard intranet solution with SharePoint

This is a default out-of-the-box SharePoint solution with no adjustments.

Years ago – before Office 365 – this was a fine solution but the problem today is that Microsoft updates their products.

Therefore, an intranet like this will be obsolete in just one year.

Solution 3: Standard SharePoint solution with default supplier building blocks

This solution offers a standard SharePoint solution based on the building blocks of the supplier. All adjustments are made on the user interface and the individual building blocks are small solutions, each of which can be selected or deselected.

This solution is constantly updated as none of the building blocks is the script itself, and this is exactly the advantage of this solution; it will always improve and follow the development.

Besides, you will find that the price is equal as for solution 2.

Our opinion

Through time we have encountered all three solutions but in the past 4 years, solution 3 has been the most dominant. And there is a good reason for this; it is the most optimal solution for both client and supplier. Though most used among Danish SharePoint suppliers, the two other solutions have become obsolete and therefore more costly for your business.

To offer you an even more attractive price, we have developed our Vanilla concept. It is a collection of all of our best solutions and is all based on 100% standard functionality. Since we do not make a script installation, the solution can be customized to suit your needs. The solution is based on Best Practice from other clients and the elements we have developed for them – all for the benefit and pleasure of you and your company.

The Vanilla concept contains:

  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Project – a program-portal
  • Human Ressource solution
  • Service Desk
  • Case- and document handling

Please contact us if you want to hear more or see a demo solution.