Case Management is a very extensive process that can contribute to either a high or low quality of a task depending on, amongst other, the quality of the system. We often see examples of case management systems that fail to create value for the company due to poor user-friendliness, lack of customization and lack of data integration.

Besides saving employees a lot of time looking for information, a case management system also contributes to an increased security, flexibility and ultimately increased earnings.

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A case management system on SharePoint and Office 365 can be customized 100% according to your needs and requirements. Thus, you can ensure that your company does not have to adapt to the system but the system is adapted to your business, which unfortunately is not the case with many standardized online alternatives.

The user-friendly SharePoint platform offers an easy and simple experience, requiring very little IT experience to use.

By using SharePoint and Office 365 applications, your solution will not be negatively impacted by Microsofts updates, thus ensuring a lasting solution.

All of our solutions are of course responsive and can thus be accessed on all platforms.


A case management system aims to primarily create an overview of cases and ensure a fast and efficient execution, which is why we develop our systems on SharePoint and Office 365. You can manage the entire rpocess easily and painless – from creation to completion. We can easily and painlessly integrate multiple systems so data can flow between systems. thereby you can access and work with data from on all platforms while it updates on all other devices.

We guarantee that your case management system can be tailored to your needs and requirements and thereby create the greatest possible value for your business.

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First and foremost, we guarantee that the agreed price at the first meeting is also exactly the price you end up paying. In this way, we create the best framework for a good cooperation.

In addition, we guarantee that we deliver to the market’s absolute best price without compromising on the solution what so ever – everything is tailored to your needs. One of our basic rules is that we must have a solution ready within 3 months and at a price of no more than GBP 30.000 – and we have never broken that rule.

We often see that the investment for a new case management system on SharePoint has paid for itself within just 6 months.


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