We specialize in developing custom-built Cloud applications and have developed applications for some of Denmark’s leading companies. By using a cloud solution, we are able to deliver better integrations, increased security, faster delivery, and many more advantages.

We have developed custom applications for many years and have developed tailor-made IT solutions for e.g. CV-databases, Match Making, Capacity Planning, Pipeline systems and much more for some of Denmark’s largest companies.

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With many of our solutions, we have developed mobile apps so employees who do not have access to a PC can access the solution from wherever they might be. For example Account Managers that have to access a CRM system or create projects on a mobile device.

Furthermore, we often integrate other solutions into ours. E.g. an onboarding system integrated with the ERP system, for better management of startup of new employees.

The many years of experience and, in particular, extensive portfolio means that we do not necessarily need to build IT solutions from scratch everytime. Often, we have can use items from previous solutions to ensure a faster process and a better price.


We have developed custom applications for Danish companies for many years and we can advise you on how to reach the full potential of your solution based on your requirements before the project begins.

In addition, of course, we can develop your application 100% tailored to your needs and requirements – without compromise, and we are proud to say that all of our solutions fully reflect the needs of our clients.

After delivery, support and instructions on how to use the solution might be needed, which we naturally are able to provide as well. In fact, our service agreement is for free and we do not charge extra for urgent matters. If you need training in your new custom solution, we are happy to visit you and do support at your company.

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Because we guarantee at we deliver at the agreed price, at the agreed time and at the highest quality. It is really that simple.

We are different in many ways and especially in our approach to projects where we have five overall phases:






Introduction & clarification:

In many ways, this is the most important phase as we determine your company’s needs and requirements for your new IT solution. This is also the foundation of the next item:


Unlike others, we do not give an estimate – we make an offer. The offer you receive is exaclty the price that will be invoiced upon delivery. If the projects turns out to be more comprehensive and more expensive, it is because we did not know your needs and requirements well enough at the beginning. Thus, it is our fault and not something you should pay for.

Development & workshops

Now the development phase is starting but not without milestones. In order to constantly ensure that the final product lives up to your expectation 100%, we have workshops along the way to present you to the solution as it takes form. Very often, the client change needs and requirements during the development process and there must be room for that. After each workshop, we can rectify – or change course completely – if you change requirements.


Once the product is finished, we test the solution in close cooperation with your company. If there are any challenges or adjustments to your application, we, of course, can correct this – all without any extra charge.

Delivery & instructions

Once you have your new solution, there may be a need for teaching, which of course we are also happy to deliver. Whether it is an online or physical session at your place, we are available.





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