Global SharePoint intranet for LEMAN International

LEMAN intranet

The transport company LEMAN International has gotten a new global SharePoint intranet for all company employees.

Whether the employee is in one of LEMAN’s offices, warehouse or in a truck on the highway, they have access to the new SharePoint intranet.

The intranet is a “OnePointStop” and is where all news, relevant systems and/or guidelines can be found. Of course, the solution is fully responsive so it can be accessed by whatever device the employees choose.

The solution has also been adapted to be used via Microsoft Standard SharePoint and Group APPs. This improves accessibility and user-friendliness.

In order to ensure that LEMANS communications manager only has to post news once, relevant information is copied automatically to the intranet. Furthermore, this ensures that employees can find all relevant information in the same place.

Next phase of the intranet, and to secure the digital modern workplace, will be to migrate all file drives and personal drives to Office 365.

Read more about migration of file drives here 

Who is LEMAN International?

LEMAN International is a Danish transport company that operate in more than 100 countries. The company was founded in 1900 and today has 26 offices in 6 different countries.

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