Create the best framework for your company’s HR department with an HR portal on SharePoint and Office 365 that streamlines HR processes and, in particular, the onboarding process. The HR portal is based on SharePoint and Office 365 to make the interface as recognizable and intuitive as possible, thus ensuring optimal return on investment

It can often be very time-consuming and expensive for companies to maintain HR-information and it has not been easier with the new GDPR legislation. An HR portal on Sharepoint and Office 365 ensures, in addition to 100% compatibility with GDPR, an easier and more efficient workflow in the company for both employees and management.

HR portal SharePoint
Brugervenligt HR Portal


The Blue Dock HR-portal is built on SharePoint and Office 365 and be customized 100% according to your needs and requirements. Thus, you can ensure the portal can be adapted to your business, and not the other way around that is often the case with standardized online solutions.
The user-friendly SharePoint platform offers an easy and simple experience, requiring very little IT experience to use.

By using SharePoint with Office 365 applications, your solution will not be affected by any updates from Microsoft, thus ensuring a lasting solution.


The HR-portal creates value for both the employee and the HR department. It allows the employee to get an insight into already recorded information, such as KPIs, equipment given to the employee, appraisal interviews, competencies, and other relevant information. Thus, the HR portal creates transparency in the information the company has stored about the employee but is often difficult to access.

The HR platform also creates value for the HR department. One of the biggest benefits for the HR department is the efficient onboarding process. Using integration from Blue Dock’s own custom application, it is possible to streamline the process from conducting job interviews, hiring, purchasing equipment,  creating the employee in the payroll system, and much more – the entire process becomes digital and much more efficient.

In addition, the HR department can quickly get an overview of all employees and their skills´, which can be used, for example, for new projects where the right skills are sought.

SharePoint org chart
HR Mockup


The optimized workflow and communication ultimately mean more money saved. All information about HR is gathered in one secure place for the benefit of both employees and HR department, who have easier access to information.

All our SharePoint and Office 365 solutions are compatible with the new Personal Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – so you can spend more time on your business.

We often see that the investment for a new HR portal has paid for itself in just 6 months due to the increased efficiency and savings from not having to maintain your own system.


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