An intranet is often the foundation of the digital workplace on SharePoint and Office 365. Therefore, we often start here when our clients want to reach the full potential of their SharePoint / Office 365 solution. We have implemented over 100 intranets, have more than 15 years of extensive experience and 26 specialists.

We guarantee the industries highest quality and the best price on your new IT-solution and with our leasing agreement, you can avoid paying up front.

We deliver always your intranet at the agreed price, at the agreed time and with a constant focus on your needs and requirements.

Office 365 intranet
Vanilla intranet på IPad


If your company is to succeed in the implementation of the intranet, it is crucial that the platform is user-friendly. SharePoint is an extremely user-friendly platform with unlimited possibilities that sometimes can seem overwhelming. Therefore, we only use the elements that create value and we customize the solution 100% to your needs and requirements. The user interface on a SharePoint intranet is very intuitive and easy for all employees work with and requires minimal IT experience.

Furthermore, we often work with a one-page intranet where the user can basically access all the information on the front page of the intranet, not having to navigate back and forth on subpages. The information on the front page can be opened in pop-up windows – all in order to optimize user-friendliness and ultimately create value for your business.
It is also possible to get the intranet on a standard mobile app, so users always have access on all devices – especially useful for employees who do always have access to a PC.
With a SharePoint intranet, it is possible to customize the intranet to your business – not having to adapt your company to a standard online alternative.


One of the major benefits of an intranet is that communication and knowledge sharing are streamlined, and here Yammer can play a major role.

Microsoft Yammer is the corporate alternative to Facebook and is highly aimed at companies focused on rapid knowledge sharing. If implemented and applied correctly, Yammer can create great value. We recommend integrating Yammer on the front page, so users avoid having to look for the information, thus ensuring a much more efficient knowledge sharing.

With the right focus and implementation, Yammer can create great value for your business.

Brugervenligt intranet
Office 365 intranet


An intranet does not have to be as expensive as many people think and there is a lot of money to save if you switch to SharePoint and Office 365. In fact, we often see that the investment for a new intranet on SharePoint and Office 365 has paid for itself in just 6 months.
With a SharePoint solution, your data is secure through Microsoft and all requirements for GDPR is of course met so you can concentrate on your business.


Jesper Haun, The Heart Association

IT Manager

We have a new intranet and project portal developed by Blue Dock based on Office 365 and SharePoint to support our need for better cooperation, security and knowledge sharing. It was an easy process all the way through and Blue Dock has easily migrated our files from our old drives to Office 365 – Blue Dock has lived up to our expectations 100%

Peter Cavling, Tandprotetikeren


We are very happy with our new SharePoint intranet solution from Blue Dock. It allows our 25 clinics to communicate both internally in the individual clinic as well as externally with other clinics and it is easy to work with.
The platform is accessible on all platforms and Blue Dock made the process very easy
We highly recommend Blue Dock

Tonni Nordal, CO-RO

Business Solution Architect, Office 365

Blue Dock is very fast to execute. It allows us, in a simple, economical and not least user-involved way, to make sure we use our resources properly. We have had a great deal of cooperation and, not least, the sparring with what we feel is a professional, pragmatic and foresighted focus at Blue Dock’s consultants.


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