Migrating from SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online

Migrering fra OnPrem til Online

Migration from SharePoint On-Premises to Online is so much more than just moving files.

When we make SharePoint migration solutions for our customers, we always start with an analysis of what to migrate and how best to make use of the new features in Office 365(free of charge). After the analysis, we divide the migration project into smaller projects. This way it is easy for you to define the most critical data to move first so that you can start using the platform as quickly as possible.

For the migration project to succeed, it is important not to make it too big and complicated, but plan a step-by-step migration – of course, without bothering the users more than absolutely necessary. Often users in the first stages do not know whether they are on an upgraded version of the old solution or SharePoint Online, as we visually lift both the old and the new solution. This way we secure a good migration and not least anchoring of Office 365 and SharePoint Online in your company.

A typical major migration project follows the following stages:

• Analysis of existing solution (free of charge)
• Establishment of an Office 365 platform as well as the structure
• Implementation of design on both new and old platform
• Go-live of a shared new front page with the new design
• Migration of primary data
• Migration of secondary data
• Migration of any custom applications
• Roll-out of collaboration – i.e. Modern collaboration tools, which were not available in SharePoint 2010/2013, and where users often see the biggest benefits of using the solution.

Typically, we meet the following types of migration projects:

• Migration of intranet and project portals from SharePoint 2010/2013 to Office 365/SharePoint Online
• Migration from “In-a-box” solution, such as Wizdom, to SharePoint Online (these projects are usually in order to become supplier independent and switch to a standard platform)
• Data Migration
• Custom solutions developed on SharePoint On-Premises, where similar functionality is desired on a “cloud solution”

We have profound experience with all of the above types of solutions and will be happy to show examples.

Examples of SharePoint migration projects:

Pandora – Migration of data from SharePoint 2010 to Online

DATE – Migration from “In-a-box” solution to standard SharePoint 2016

Tivoli – Migration and upgrading of new intranet to SharePoint Online