New mobile intranet for Tivoli

Tivoli intranet

Tivoli now has a new mobile intranet based on Office 365. It provides employees with a quick and easy overview of news and access to important information.

The Copenhagen Tivoli, which daily spreads joy among thousands of guests, wanted a new mobile intranet. A solution that simplified tasks and information sharing for employees and management.

Previously, they had an outdated SharePoint 2010 solution. They needed to improve. Blue Dock developed a new solution based on Office 365, which is aesthetically and user-friendly build into Tivoli’s own design.

Today, all Tivoli employees have the opportunity to see important information and news via computer or smartphones. Most importantly, it supports the use of Microsoft standard SharePoint mobile app. This ensures that users are guaranteed a quick and easy access without the need to log in every time.

With a wise use of standard technology, it has been possible to keep both implementation time and price down to a minimum. In addition, it is also possible for Tivoli in the future to easily expand the solution exactly to their future wishes and needs.

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