Pandora – migration from SharePoint 2010 to Online


Better performance and better accessibility are some of the main arguments for transferring from SharePoint 2010 on premise to a cloud-based solution.

Blue Dock has helped PANDORA with.a migration from its own data center to a cloud solution.

It involved moving 250,000 files and documents. As the system is global, there was no room for any downtime. This meant that there was always – around the clock – users who needed access to the documents which were being moved. Blue Dock succeeded in moving the files and documents without any issues, all in just a couple of days.

The transfer from local storage of documents to storage in the cloud is a challenge that many encounters. But in this case, Blue Dock showed how it can be done – quickly and efficiently without downtime or problems

It may seem more safe and secure to store documents and data on-site, and it may also work well is a company’s needs are only internally within the company. The benefits of storing in the cloud counts automatic update of systems, no need for maintenance, documents are accessible globally and much more.

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Who are Pandora?

Pandora is a Danish company that creates beautiful jewellery. Today they operate in more than 100 countries and has more than 2,600 stores worldwide.