We believe in transparency about our prices – and that is not something you will see at our competitors.

Why do we do it? Because we believe that a transparent price system makes our clients feel safe.

Furtermore, we do not charge extra for service agreements or access to our skilled consultants – we only charge for the time we spend on you and your tasks. This way, you will never pay more than what you get.

We are proud to treat everyone alike. If you have an urgent task, we will, of course, prioritize this and help you as soon as possible without charging you extra. This will eventually benefit all of our clients.

All deliveries are at a fast rate – i.e. no surprises.



No commitment and you only pay per hour

    Operation- and support subscription



      Why invest equity in software when you can lease? This also applies to applications developed specifically for you.

      Even though prices on especially applications and software development overall have gone down, it is often a large investment.
      Very often, these resources can be spent more efficiently on creating even more growth in your company.

      We offer leasing agreements on 12, 24 or 36 months and should you wish to terminate the leasing agreement ahead of time, this can be done without any extra costs.

      After the leasing agreement has ended, the solution is all yours.

      Vanilla Intranet

      GBP540 per month

      • 36 months lease / down payment GBP 16.500,.

      Mobile Web App.

      GBP420 per month

      • 36 months lease / down payment GBP 12.800,-

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