The project portal is a vital part of the digital workplace and with the right implementation and focus, it can create great value in your company. Often, we see that projects are fully realized due to lack of overview of relevant information and this is exactly what a project portal from Blue Dock helps with.

By implementing a project portal as a part of your SharePoint intranet with Office 365, you can collect data and manage projects one place only on an easy and user-friendly platform.

SharePoint projektportal
Azure projektportal


A project portal aims at creating an overview of the project, contributing to a more efficient workflow an ultimately helping your business to succeed with your projects.
Integrating the project portal into SharePoint and Office 365 makes it very easy and user-friendly to use the project portal, as the user interface is very intuitive and requires virtually no IT experience.
It is possible to customize the project portal to fit your company – not the other way around, which is often the case with standardized online alternatives.
By using SharePoint with Office 365 applications, your solution will not be affected by any updates from Microsoft, thus ensuring a lasting solution.


It is our experience that companies using various standardized online solutions, often lose sight of opportunities and will not be successful with the project portal due to lack of customization.

One of the major benefits of developing the Project Portal in SharePoint and Office 365 is that users have only one to log in – a so-called single-sign-on. It greatly contributes to the usability of the portal and greatly contributes to the success of the portal.

Additionally, the portal can be customized 100% according to your needs without any compromises. E.g. it is possible to split projects into self-chosen subcategories, customize the user interface, or customize the design to match the company’s visual identity – only the imagination dictates the limits.

Office 365 projektportal
Projektportal Vanilla


A project portal does not have to be as expensive as feared and there is a lot of money to be saved by switching to SharePoint and Office 365.

We often see that the investment for a new intranet has paid for itself within just 6 months.

Blue Dock delivers the industry’s highest quality and guarantees the best price on your new intranet, and our leasing agreement allows you to not pay anything up front. Learn more about here.

With a SharePoint solution, your data is secured through Microsoft and all requirements for GDPR are of course met so you can concentrate on your business


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