Aasted – strategic overview with SharePoint Online


Aasted’s top management gained a better overview of the strategic implementation with a new SharePoint Online system.

Top management in Aasted gets strategic help and overview with a new SharePoint Online based. The system was developed by Blue Dock in collaboration with The Consulting Firm. The top executives now get a snapshot of strategic actions and they have the ability to keep up to date, as well as to see responsibility, history, and status.

In addition, the individual executive has the opportunity to share documents, structure departmental priorities and assign responsibilities and tasks to key employees through their departmental sites. Through “My tasks”, the individual employee or manager can keep up to date. This makes it easier to keep an overview of the tasks to be solved in order to meet the strategy’s overall purpose.

Who is Aasted?

Aasted is a family owned Danish company that supplies production solutions to the chocolate, bakery and confectionery industry worldwide.

Today, 3rd generation is at the helm, and Aasted is still expanding and experiencing great growth – especially abroad. A strategy has been established and adopted going forward to 2020. It gave management a desire to professionalise the way they work with a strategy. They needed their leaders to be more involved, and to have a better overview of the subsequent follow-up on the strategy.

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