CO-RO’s improves digital workplace – One stop shop and increased efficiency

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New system for CO-RO helps with quality management in the production and an improved digital workplace.

CO-RO’s new addition to the digital workplace Quality Management System minimizes errors their production, thereby reducing costs. Most importantly, the system ensures that quality always meets customer expectations.

In close cooperation with CO-RO, Blue Dock has developed a system that works both internally as well as meets customer requests.

The first part of the system helps the quality assurance department with factory audits and any deviations. If deviations that compromise the quality are found, CO-RO’s QMA will create cases that will include a workflow that ensures that the task is sent to the correct employee. Thereby, the work is documented and time is saved.

The second part of the system receives customer inquiries through a form on the website.

The inquiries go into the same system, where a workflow ensures that the task reaches the right person or department.

Who is CO-RO?

CO-RO A/S is the manufacturer of well-known products like Sunquick, Sun Lolly and Suntop. The company has existed since 1942 and since then they have experienced impressive growth. Today they are represented in over 70 countries, where they count more than 1,000 employees globally.

Blue Dock has helped CO-RO with their development in the digital system many times. Read more about some of the former cooperations here.

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