CO-RO achieves great advantages with Azure


By phasing out the local operating center and moving it to Azure, CO-RO experiences less costs, improved stability and increased security.

The benefits of migrating from a local data center to a cloud-based one like Azure, are many. Money is saved on hardware, improved security and stability, and it is generally cheaper in operation and maintenance.

CO-RO is enjoying all the benefits. Blue Dock has carried out – and acted as advising partners – on the process of phasing out the local operation center and moving it to Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based data center that allows you to handle all business related issues on a huge network.

An ongoing process

A migration of a data center is not carried out within a few hours – it takes time. Therefore, all documents, data and files have not been moved in one go. A process has been set in place to stably and safely phase out the local operating center over a period of time until everything is 100% well-positioned and securely stored in the cloud.

Who is CO-RO?

CO-RO A/S is the manufacturer of well-known products like Sunquick, Sun Lolly and Suntop. The company has existed since 1942 and since then they have experienced impressive growth. Today they are represented in over 70 countries, where they count more than 1,000 employees globally.

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