CO-RO streamlines their recruitment process with Azure


The recruitment process at CO-RO has now been streamlined with an Azure service, which has integration with Dynamics Ax and was developed by Blue Dock.

CO-RO’s new recruitment service based on Azure is now simple and effective for both applicant and employer. Here, jobseekers can apply unsolicited or to the positions that CO-RO has opened. This grants flexibility for the possible soon-to-be employee. They can easily be done by typing their information in a scheme on CO-RO’s website. Applications go through a process, where there is an Azure service behind. It also has integration with Dynamics Ax.

The system, website and integration are all made by Blue Dock.

CO-RO has earlier migrated from a local data center to a cloud based data center based on Azure. Here Blue Dock has carried out – and acted as advising partners – on the process of phasing out the local operation center and moving it to Azure.

Who is CO-RO?

CO-RO is a firm that specialises in fruit drinks as Sun Lolly, Suntop, Sunquick and so on. The company was developed in Denmark in 1942 with its headquarters still placed here. CO-RO is represented in more than 80 countries with its main production still placed in Denmark.

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