DATEA digitalises general meeting


Poor attendance at the annual general meeting called for drastic changes.

The cooperative housing association’s annual general meeting is where big decisions are made regarding the economy, investments and daily operations.
Decisions that are of great importance but easily can be distorted if not all voices are heard. But taking an evening out of the calendar seems indisputable to many. The general meeting is often overlooked for the benefit of everyday life and other chores.
When attendance is low, it complicates the real purpose of deciding by majority in a democratic way. There had to be a drastic change.

The change was an IT system, developed by the Copenhagen Development House named Blue Dock, which enables everyone to attend the general meetings whenever they want and wherever they want.

Vote whenever it suits you

DATEA is now ready to introduce the new solution, which they call “the digital general meeting”. An online platform developed specifically for DATEA by Blue Dock. It allows everyone to participate actively in the small democracy; they can vote whenever they want.

“You can look at it this way, today we exclude those who cannot set aside time to participate in the general meeting. Now the meeting is open around the clock 24 hours, for example, for two weeks, rather than just a few hours at a physical general meeting.
One can also hand over his voice at the janitors office, “says Anette Dyhl, Director of DATEA, about the possibilities regarding their new IT system to the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Attorneys and auditors are connected to the system, the debate is monitored and all relevant documents are freely accessible to read: Simply put, the entire general meeting is digitalized. The system is managed, as if it was a Facebook page. And if, physical general meetings are to be held, they will be significantly shorter. The IT system enables all participants to meet well-prepared, meaning time is saved in the meeting room.

Automation and efficiency ease the general meeting

The system was not only developed for the sake of democracy. It also has powerful and efficient features, all of which are automated. New residents will be automatically created. In addition, it will automatically be possible to hold general meetings and board meetings, where both votes can be given and suggestions made. The system is available to all unit and owner associations that have purchased access from DATEA.

Another module was also developed. This time for the benefit of both the board and the janitor. The janitor has the opportunity to order a task after which the process runs between the supplier and the janitor. The task descriptions run back and forth between the two parties and are refined, where it is finally approved by the board. This means that the flow is automated and efficient – it all runs digitally. Thus, the parties do not have to keep track of various mails and phone calls, in which the tasks are discussed: Here it is all collected in one place.

Access to the suppliers is also given. This allows them to put in offers on tasks, and allows the janitor and the board to choose the cheapest, best or most viable supplier.

Full-featured online democracy

The rules for voting at general meetings and board meetings are not at all random. But this is also handled by the system. All rules are enrolled in the system to ensure a lawful and fully democratic process.