DATEA migrates from “In a box” to a SharePoint 2016 intranet

NEWSEC SharePoint intranet

New, future-proof SharePoint 2016 intranet for DATEA lifts the user experience and makes them independent of specific suppliers.

DATEA (now owned by Newsec) came to a decision to migrate to a SharePoint 2016 intranet. It was a comprehensive, but a sensible one. They would no longer be dependent on one supplier when they were to expand their intranet. In addition, they wanted to be future-proof and get rid of the ongoing annual license fee on their “Intranet in a box” solution from Wizdom.

An “in a box solution” in regards to an intranet means that the company receives a complete package from a supplier. This box includes everything the company will need in an intranet, but it also comes with limitations. For example, only the supplier can expand the intranet solution, there is a fee to be paid and they can choose to work with whoever they want.

Blue Dock performed a migration project from SharePoint 2010 to a SharePoint 2016 intranet and removed all custom code. Instead we focused on using standard with a visual overlay.

This means that today, DATEA can upgrade their solution with ongoing updates without having to customize the intranet. In addition, they can freely choose who will help them. The new intranet has made them independent of a specific supplier.

In addition to implementing content migration, Blue Dock also provided a visual and modern identity that enhances user-friendliness – to the benefit of all users.

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