Does SharePoint have to be difficult and expensive? Not necessarily

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SharePoint-suppliers and the IT industry, in general, are known to often exceed both time and price. Prices that are already too high compared to what they should be. But SharePoint solutions does not have to be expensive.

Sharepoint does not have to be expensive and difficult. In 2014, we replaced our stable jobs to break away from this trend.

This resulted in the following 5 rules of conduct: 

  1. We deliver to a fixed price including corrections of potential errors and minor changes.
  2. We guarantee a solution for 50% of the price of our competitors.
  3. We comply with deadlines and deliver on time.
  4. We have a strong focus on design and user-friendliness. What is the benefit of having a technically advanced solution if it is too advanced to be used?
  5. We do not charge for service agreements. Good service must be a matter of course.

The above is not just empty words to sell. We promise to deliver every solution in correlation to our one paramount rule; for the benefit of our clients.

Furthermore, we are happy to provide the list of our customers at any time, so you can talk to clients and hear more.

Are you interested in a SharePoint solution that is neither expensive nor difficult? Please contact us if you want to hear more or see examples of our solutions.