Full digital workplace including data migration in 3 months


The Heart Association has gotten a new intranet and linked the volunteers closer to the organization using SharePoint and Office 365. They are now one step closer to a full digital workplace.

Using our Vanilla intranet concept, Blue Dock has in record time rolled out a full digital workplace and intranet to Hjerteforeningens (here translated as: The Heart Association’s) employees as well as a solution so the volunteers can log on and work via local sites based on Office 365. This provides a better way of working closer together with The Heart Association and securing that data is processed properly.

The intranet is implemented on SharePoint and supports the organization’s visual identity. It is a “one-page” intranet where all relevant and personal content can be found on the front page, saving the employees time for searching for information on subpages.

From fileshare to Office 365

All data from fileshares and personal drives has been migrated to Office 365 to ensure a full digital workplace. In addition to increased efficiency, optimized accessibility and increased amount of backup, there is a substantial economic gain as the entire project including anchorage, has been paid for in under 12 months.

Project and case management

One element of the solution was the creation of projects, cases, and departmental sites. This was done based on standard Office 365 groups but with the provisioning engine from Blue Dock that builds the sites for the users, ensures uniformity and rights as well as optimizes the subsequent maintenance and control. All was done with respect for Office 365 and ensuring that the solution can follow the update cycle from Microsoft.

Benefits of a digital workplace – GDPR

Another element of the project was preparing The Heart Association to support GDPR. As a part of the migration project from fileshare to SharePoint and constructing sites in Office 365, GDPR was included as a natural part. This ensures that The Heart Association’s personally sensitive data is stored and treated properly.


Benefits for The Heart Association by implementing an intranet from Blue Dock:

  • One page intranet with all relevant content accessible from the front page
  • Access from all mobile- and web platforms.
  • Clear, simple and follows the visual identity of the organization.
  • Based on standard SharePoint/Office 365.
  • Access via SharePoint app when employees are not working from a PC.

Benefits for The Heart Association and the volounteers at volunteer-sites on Office 365:

  • The Heart Association can publish news to volunteers directly from the intranet.
  • GDPR updated – personal information is no longer stored on local PC’s.
  • Volunteers can upload documents and save time on emails.
  • Yammer: Volunteers can collaborate more efficiently with other volunteers.
  • Full accessibility, safety, access to data everywhere and backup 24/7, 365.
  • Closer collaboration between The Heart Association and the volunteers.

Benefits for The Heart Association of migrating data to Office 365:

  • Optimized security and backup
  • Highly reduced operating costs
  • Increased efficiency and accessibility via a modern and digital platform

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