Intranet leasing without down payment

intranet leasing

A modern digital workplace should not be reserved for large companies.

Therefore, Blue Dock offers intranet leasing on 12, 24 or 36 months and after the leasing period, the solution is yours. There is no down payment and the only condition is an Office 365 license with SharePoint as the solution.

Predictable costs

Establishing a modern usable intranet can be a huge and unpredictable cost for most small and medium-sized businesses.

This is not the case with intranet leasing. Based on our Vanilla solution, we will customize a platform for your business exactly as you prefer.

No operating costs

Managing an intranet and file drive locally can be extremely costly but with an intranet from Blue Dock, these costs are removed completely as the solution is managed by Microsoft on their servers at a license price that costs a fraction of what you typically pay Danish consultants to operate.

Furthermore, the security and stability far better than what a local datacenter can provide.

It is our experience that our clients save money on leasing an intranet at Blue Dock while increasing their profits as employees become more efficient.


Even though the starting point is a standard solution, it is tailored to your needs, as is the case with the leasing agreement. You can make an agreement between 12-24 or 36 months and with or without payment. If you wish to end the cooperation before the agreed time, this is of course also possible without additional costs.

As your documents are placed in the solution and thus become an important part of your employees’ business, the solution is also yours when the lease agreement ends. Such, you own the solution yourself and can do whatever you want with for as long time you want.

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