Migration to Office 365 – GDPR


GDPR is the perfect reason to clean up old fileshares and migrate files to Office 365


Because the consequence and costs of not doing so could be very serious for your business.

Most companies’ shared drives contain files that handle sensitive personal information. Whether it regards employees, customers or business partners, the information must be treated properly and within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation.

However, one thing is to follow the rules, another is the many benefits you will gain by getting cleaned up; establishing a new and more up-to-date file structure and, in particular, tightening up security and backup.

Furthermore, you will no longer have to operate and maintain drives, which will give your company a huge financial benefit. The maintenance and operating will be handled by Microsoft in the future for a fraction of what you are paying today.


It is not as difficult or time-consuming as you could fear, even if your drives have grown uncontrollably through decades.

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