NKT Cables – a strategy tool that everyone can understand


With a new strategy tool, NKT can improve their consolidation of strategy work.

It is now possible for NKT Cables to consolidate the strategy across the entire organization in a common format. The benefit of the new strategy tool is that can be understood and used by all.

The solution is based on SharePoint Online and becomes an important strategy tool for the top 100 executives. Everyone with access gets particular benefits. They can follow the strategic initiatives, see those responsible, see their own tasks, the history and, not least, the status of the tasks.

With a user-friendly dashboard, the users get a quick overview and all the actions. The users here counts the top 100 managers and strategy office.

The SharePoint Online solution helps NKT Cables meet their desire to standardize a variety of processes, provide alignment, transparency, agility and new communication capabilities.

Who are NKT Cables?

As part of the NKT A/S Group, NKT Cables is a leading global supplier in the energy sector. With a focus on high-tech, innovative and sustainable solutions for their customers, NKT Cables launched a new strategy in September 2015. The key elements of this strategy was, in particular, to be the best in relation to their investors, customers, and employees.