Nordic Aviation Capital – from document to dynamic plan

NAC SharePoint platform

NAC has a new SharePoint Online-based solution that helps them get an overview of projects.

The system allows users to get an easy overview of projects using the user-friendly dashboard.

Furthermore, the system contains an overview of numerous strategic actions, the people responsible, the storyline and current status.

Due to the impressive growth experienced by NAC the last couple of years, the company needed a platform supporting the roll-out of their 2020-strategy that would benefit the company’s 25 leaders globally. The platform aims to increase the accessibility of the strategy and underlying initiatives of each of the 25 leaders.

Therefore, NAC got a solution that no longer serves only as an isolated document in the CEO’s drawer but a dynamic plan reflecting the reality of the business and on top of that can be adjusted regularly of the managers using it in their everyday workflow.

Such, NAC now has the possibility to make their strategy as dynamic as their business.

The solution is provided by Blue Dock in close cooperation with THe Consulting Firm.


Who is Nordic Aviation Capital?

NAC is the leading aircraft rental company in the world. The company was originally founded in 1990 in the Danish city Skive.

Since the beginning, NAC has experienced an impressive growth and the company has more than 170 employees across 10 locations worldwide. The company have a fleet of more than 350 planes and service many of the largest international airlines.