Realize your strategic potential with Execution AID

Blue Dock - Execution AID

Execute your strategy and remove barriers with a new technical platform.

A series of Danish companies can now power up their strategy and make it visual and updated through a new technical platform. The Platform is based on Office 365, developed by Blue Dock and in cooperation with Execution AID.

Execution AID helps you overcome the barriers and gives a successful execution of the company’s strategy:

  • You can create momentum and increase the management of the company’s strategy
  • Over 50% of all strategic initiatives fail due to poor internal communication, lack of transparency, lack of insight in the resources required by execution, and, in particular, an insufficient overview of whether the initiatives are supported financially.
  • Execution AID is a unique system. It is the only digital platform designed exclusively to help you and your company eliminate barriers when implementing and executing business strategies.
  • The is based on Microsoft SharePoint Online. This ensures a secure platform for documentation, communication, and insight into the progress of your strategic initiatives.

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