Tandprotetikeren gets a common SharePoint intranet


Shared intranet developed in Office 365 and Sharepoint to all Tanprotetikeren’s 24 clinics. The system is developed by Blue Dock.

Tandprotetikeren is a nationwide chain of 25 clinical dental technicians – now with a brand new SharePoint intranet. All 25 dental technicians now have the opportunity to share information with each other, as well as participate in professional interest groups and projects.

The intranet is a solution based on SharePoint and Office 365 – and developed by Blue Dock.

In addition, the Yammer tool has been made available to all clinics. It is an excellent and important tool to ensure that all clinics can quickly answer questions across the entire organization. Also the individual employee has the opportunity to catch up with important information quick and easy.

Generally speaking, Tandprotetikeren now has a solution that increases cooperation and communication between the clinics.

Who is the Tandprotetikeren?

Tandprotetikeren is a nationwide denture chain who provides a feeling of security and a “money back” guarantee if customers are not satisfied.

This is the very short description of Tandprotetikeren and its 24 dental clinics. They use state of the art methods to create tailor-made denture solutions for their patients.

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