The National Police gets help with their intranet solution

Rigspolitiet rådgivning

Counseling, expert knowledge and rollout of their “In a box” intranet solution was provided by Blue Dock.

With help from Blue Dock the Danish National Police has optimized several of their automated processes with a new intranet solution. This included functions as automatic creation of sub-pages and ‘my page’-profiles, an optimized infrastructure which automatically adapts to how it is used among other thing. All based on accessible information.

The foundations for the new intranet was already developed when Blue Dock got the job. Blue Dock took over the roll-out of the automated processes and at the same time implemented new functions and modules. This allowed for a more effective automation.

Thereby, we were able to deliver a new intranet solution, which was functional and manageable compared to the old ‘in a box’ solution. ‘In a box’ solutions means that the company buys a full package which has a complete intranet. You get everything at once, with no help at set-up and roll-out of the system. For most, a complicated and immense task. Blue Dock helped the Danish National Police control their ‘in a box’ intranet. We helped with implementing the intranet as well as give expert advise throughout the process.

Today the Danish National Police is equipped with an intranet solution which is compatible to their company and easy for all to use.

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